Globally Install PHPUnit on OS X

I’m trudging into modernity by getting acquainted with unit testing and wanted to install PHPUnit globally on my machine to make things easier to get moving. So here’s how I did it. Note: you must have composer installed globally on …

Modern WordPress Development – Composer

Composer is a PHP dependency manager that’s been in the wild for roughly 2 years. In short it helps mitigate the extremely antiquated ways PHP developers had been managing third party libraries.

Composer is nothing new to PHP, as I …

Bootstrap 2.3.2 Centering the carousel-indicators

So the carousel indicators are not centered by default, this essentially is the right way to center a horizontally styled unordered or ordered list.

  1. Wrap the UL with a div, for sake of this example we’ll add a class of

Pretty git Logs!

Ran into a post, here ( that shows you how to make your git logs easier to read (well, your git lg at least)… essentially add an alias using the following code in terminal:

git config --global alias.lg "log --color …

Getting Started with symfony … just the basics!

Installing symfony, note I am doing so on OS X 10.8.3 with MAMP Pro installed so YMMV

  1. Install Composer if you have cURL installed execute: “curl -sS | php” if not check
  2. Install composer via:
    php /path/to/composer.phar create-project