Force Shortcode Attributes

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I found a neat filter that’s apparently been around for some time now (since WP 3.6)


This allows you to override shortcode attributes, I’ll try to post examples shortly!…

Globally Install PHPUnit on OS X

I’m trudging into modernity by getting acquainted with unit testing and wanted to install PHPUnit globally on my machine to make things easier to get moving. So here’s how I did it. Note: you must have composer installed globally on …

Modern WordPress Development – Composer

Composer is a PHP dependency manager that’s been in the wild for roughly 2 years. In short it helps mitigate the extremely antiquated ways PHP developers had been managing third party libraries. Composer is nothing new to PHP, as I …

Bootstrap 2.3.2 Centering the carousel-indicators

So the carousel indicators are not centered by default, this essentially is the right way to center a horizontally styled unordered or ordered list.

  1. Wrap the UL with a div, for sake of this example we’ll add a class of

Pretty git Logs!

Ran into a post, here ( that shows you how to make your git logs easier to read (well, your git lg at least)… essentially add an alias using the following code in terminal:

git config --global alias.lg "log --color …