In the hallway to gently fold the shoes enough to make a small shelf, besides the shoe shelf will save space in the hallway.

It is possible to make a shelf from boards, wood is the most environmentally friendly material and is easy to process, the design of this shelf is extremely simple and for its manufacture you will need a minimum of materials.


Making a shoe rack with our own hands is really easy if we take into account the many possibilities that we can get out of wooden slats and even the concept of making furniture from recycled elements such as wooden pallets.

To determine the correct size for your shoemaker, consider the amount of shoes and the available space. You will have to measure the woods and mark a distance so that you know how many shoes you will place in each of them.

Using the saw, cut the wood to the required measurements to be the desired size or if you prefer, you can leave them as is, but you will need to cut four pieces to be the legs.

Using the fifth wood (the 25 cm long), you must cut a section for the central support. Then he cuts nine long pieces of about two centimeters to hold the shelves.

Sand the wood until the surfaces are smooth. Start with 80 grit sandpaper and finish with 120 grit paper.


You can develop an original stand for shoes or use open sources. The second option will avoid errors and gain the necessary experience. The shoe stand in the hallway can be a simple two-row shelf or a carved box with an advanced ventilation system. Today, on thematic sites you can find a drawing of any furniture for shoes in the hallway.

Ergonomic. The closet should be comfortable;
Versatility. It is desirable that the shoebox can be used as a stool or bedside table. If you wish, you can install a mirror – you will get an improvised dressing table;

Ventilation. Of course, you do not need to stretch the duct system, to mount the intake and exhaust installations. Provide air circulation. It’ll be enough;

Design. Furniture should not “stand out” from the general style of the apartment. However, this nuance is solved at the design stage.


Beautiful shoe rack can be not only a place to store shoes, but also a full-fledged element of the hallway interior. The choice of options in the shops is extensive, but the cost is often overestimated. To make a roomy and compact shoe rack that fits perfectly with the look of the corridor, you need to put a little effort and imagination. Consider the options for the manufacture of Obuvnits of available materials with their own hands.


Often at the threshold of the corridor a lot of shoes accumulate, especially in the evening, when the whole family is at home. Compact shoe shelves, which can often be found in the interior photo, can solve the problem in the hallway. Which model is better to choose and is it possible to make a shoe box with your own hands?

Principles of choice Before purchasing a shelf for shoes, several factors should be taken into account: The climate in the area of ​​residence is warmer in the southern regions and there is often no need for heavy winter shoes; The number of residents in the apartment; Convenient location, protected from dirt and mechanical stress; Hallway design.

Types of shoe shelves The main quality of the shelves for shoes is compact, coupled with the versatility, since the hallway, as a rule, has a small size. Shelves may vary in size, availability of additional items, type of storage. Shoe rack with seat This is a low shoe holder, over which is a soft seat. It happens with a back or without, in the manner of a bench or pouf. Often a shelf of this design does not have doors and drawers, all shoes are visible. Often, such a shoe holder is complemented by a hanger, a stand for a telephone or small boxes for storing shoe accessories.

The advantage of shoeboxes

High narrow cabinet for shoes with folding door system will fit into the hallway of any size. It can be embedded anywhere, the minimum shoemaker is only 20-30 cm. The curbstone slim is well suited for storing shoes worn according to the season. But the shoes or boots that do not yet need to get, should be stored in the closet, there they will keep the appearance until the new season.

Design Variants Often shoe cabinets are made up of full sets, they correspond to the design of the rest of the furniture, without getting out of the interior. You can purchase a shoe box separately, but it will be more difficult to find a suitable option.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway, decorated in different styles, can be seen in the photo below. Classic Classic style is suitable for people who love the quiet rhythm of life and the traditional way. Furniture for such interiors is made of solid natural wood and is quite expensive. Often, classic shoe cabinets are designed for spacious halls, but if the hallway is small, then finding a compact model will be difficult.